Arctic Roses Double Fashion

Born 15.March 2014


After; C.I.B. NORD UCH Yung Lo's Double Fantasy INT N SE FI DK UCH HEV-10 FIV-14 KBHVV-15-17-18 DKV-16 DKVV-16 NVV-16 DEVV-17 Arctic Roses Fashionably Dressed


Titles; C.I.B* NORD DK UCH SEJV-15 

Funny Feeling's Pablo Magic

Born 27. May 2014


After; INT MONT BH LIT R NORD FI UCH WW-14 NV-05 SEV-08-13-15 LTV-08 NVV-12-13-14-16-17 NORDVV-13-14-15 FIVV-13-14-15 FIV-15 HEVV-14-15 KBHV-15 KBHVV-14-15-18 EUVW-15 Hin Chen's Jay-walker & N UCH Shih-Bi-Chow's Exclusive Design


Titles; KBHV-16 NORD UCH

Hin Chen's Ærtan's Prince

Born 28.oct. 2014


After; N UCH Mr. Royal Cappucino & INT BH MONT R NORD FI UCH WW-08'14 KBHVV-14 Hin Chen's Princess


Funny Feeling's One And Only

Born; 25. sept. 2015


After; N SE FI UCH Ta Maria The Magic Beat & N UCH Shih-Bi-Chow's Exclusive Design


Titles; DKJV-16 N DK UCH

Funny Feeling's Sun God Helios



After; Juhua's Di-Yi One More Time & Hin Chen's A Whole New Future